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Design Website imageYou should be in no doubt about the importance of the design of your website. Although it isn’t the single most important aspect of your online presence, it is crucial to have a website design that reflects your particular brand, product or service with professionalism, creativity and credibility, in addition to providing your end-users with an easy-to-navigate site and a smooth and pleasant experience.

To design your website, we will obtain all the relevant information we need from you regarding what you want your website to look like, and how you want it to function (this will usually be done via telephone and/or emails).

It doesn’t matter whether you have no idea what you want the site to look like, or if you only have an existing logo or colour scheme you want to keep, or if you know exactly what you want, right down to the number of pages, content and functionality. Our design and layout expert will make it easy for you to give us the information we need to make your vision a reality.

Once we have the information we need, we’ll quickly provide you a draft image of the site’s proposed layout, so you can approve it, or make any changes you feel necessary. Once you are happy with the draft layout, and only then, we will start the process of developing your website, page by page.

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