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When we develop your website, wherever possible, we will use all the latest technologies and web standards. That means your site will be accessible to all users on all devices, and you needn’t worry that your site will stop working properly just because the search engines and web browsers update the way they do things. There is nothing worse than having to prematurely modernise a site because of short-sighted design and development.

Most people don’t necessarily understand the technologies or code used to develop a website, but for those of you who know or care, we predominantly use a combination of HTML, CSS,  Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Whatever functionality you want for your site can normally always be achieved using these technologies.

If you need more control over your site, we can also use various CMS (Content Management Systems), which allow a user with little technical ability to update and maintain their own website after creation. We can employ various CMS including WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, which are all ‘Open Source’ platforms (i.e. free). The benefit of using these is that because we don’t have to pay to use these platforms, neither do you. We only charge you for the design and development costs, which means you can have a fully functioning CMS for a whole lot less than you would pay with a company that doesn’t use open source software (beware of companies that use open source software but don’t mention it – they may well be trying to overcharge you!).

We can also create fully functioning e-commerce websites (e.g. online shops) using open source software, which, again, will mean you don’t pay anymore than you have to.

One of the most important aspects of creating a website is creating the content. Content includes copy (text), images, video, sounds and animations. You may have a good idea about what content you want on your site, and that certainly makes it easier for us, but even if you have no idea, don’t worry. We can take care of it all for you. We are seasoned content creators. We can write your copy, provide generic or bespoke images and animations and even have use of a film studio for video creation.  All required content creation is included in the quote we give you.

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